Tips for “Networking” at a Conference

Any of you who read my blog (loyal in my extended blogging absence!) know that the word “networking” is a little dirty to me because the intentions aren’t always as pure as “connecting”. However, I’m asked all the time how I approach networking at conferences. Here are some pointers I share: Do your research beforehand.… Continue reading Tips for “Networking” at a Conference

Is Connectivity A Human Right?

via Facebook: Today, only 2.7 billion people are online — a little more than one third of the world. That is growing by less than 9% a year, but that’s slow considering how early we are in the internet’s development. Even though projections show most people will get smartphones in the next decade, most people… Continue reading Is Connectivity A Human Right?

Provider Finder for Nonprofits Launched by Taproot Foundation

I think strategic pro bono work is a hugely untapped resource for nonprofits, so I was delighted to recently learn about this tool. It’s certainly in a beta stage, but it has a lot of potential and already evident functionality.Provider Finder for Nonprofits Launched by Taproot Foundation

What do you wish you knew about connecting?

Next month, I’ll be speaking at the Mark Leadership Conference at Rutgers University. I’ll be presenting my lecture How to be a Connector to students preparing to leave their ‘mark’ on the campus and the world. Do you have any tips/questions/ideas for what you wish your 18-22 year old self knew about the value of… Continue reading What do you wish you knew about connecting?

How to Be a Connector

Nine months ago, I shared an article called Forget Networking. How to Be a Connector. Since then, I have developed and offered a class on just that. It’s been a popular class - surprisingly so - and I’ve learned a lot through teaching it. For instance: People have a hard time realizing their existing network. There’s… Continue reading How to Be a Connector

The Currency of the New Economy is Trust

Good TED talk highlighting how thoughtful connection with follow-through contributes to your reputation and ability to be trusted as is perceived by others. Definitely one of the arguments I make in my How to Be a Connector class for why being a Connector is a good thing.The Currency of the New Economy is Trust