Philanthropy and the Social Economy: Blueprint 2013

Lucy Bernholz, a leading philanthropy scholar who writes one of my favorite philanthropy-related blogs, has released her fourth annual industry forecast through GrantCraft. And, for the first time, it’s free to download! Her predictions for 2013 are intriguing; I agree with most and can’t wait to see how they play out. I really love being… Continue reading Philanthropy and the Social Economy: Blueprint 2013

New Website Alert!

Interested in seeding your own nonprofit or do-gooder project, but don’t have a 501c3 status? Or, is your nonprofit interested in broadening its horizons without having the internal capacity or the vision to do so? Fiscal sponsorship generally entails a nonprofit organization (the “fiscal sponsor”) agreeing to provide administrative services and oversight to, and assume… Continue reading New Website Alert!

Top Ten Grant Proposal Mistakes

Writing a grant and feeling like it’s not quite there? Here are some top mistakes to check your proposal for and fix before you submit! TYPOS! Redundancy Length (too short if it’s missing components; too long if I forgot what I read 5 minutes ago) Vague (use examples! numbers! color!) Dry (a little passion is… Continue reading Top Ten Grant Proposal Mistakes