Resolutions: checking in and checking out (reprisal)

Here’s how this went last year. And now, checking in on those resolutions made for 2012: Do awesome photo projects Started the Brooklyn Bathroom Blog and have been going on fun photo outings. Also bartered grantwriting help with a photography lesson. Definitely giving space for photography exploration, though I’d like to enjoy what I do… Continue reading Resolutions: checking in and checking out (reprisal)

How to Be a Connector

Nine months ago, I shared an article called Forget Networking. How to Be a Connector. Since then, I have developed and offered a class on just that. It’s been a popular class - surprisingly so - and I’ve learned a lot through teaching it. For instance: People have a hard time realizing their existing network. There’s… Continue reading How to Be a Connector

Staycation Retreat

It’s official: my staycation through the end ofthe year has begun! I’m hoping to use this as a sort of Jen Bokoff company retreat, where I look at what’s been accomplished this year and determine a strategy for the future across all aspects of my life. It’s a one-person entity, but as you know, I… Continue reading Staycation Retreat

Interview: Oriana Leckert, Creator and Author of Brooklyn Spaces

The only thing I love more than people who are passionate about a thing and then do something with that thing is when I am crazy about that thing, too. Oriana Leckert does exactly that with her online compendium of culture and creativity in Brooklyn, Brooklyn Spaces. As the creator and author, Oriana does an incredible… Continue reading Interview: Oriana Leckert, Creator and Author of Brooklyn Spaces

A most sincere thank you.

Recently, I’ve gotten a few lovely out-of-the-blue emails from people who read this blog. I’m humbled and want to thank everyone for listening to my miscellaneous thoughts and reflections, and together exploring my passions, questions, and ideas. It’s fun for me to write, and it pushes me to think bigger and have conversations I wouldn’t… Continue reading A most sincere thank you.

I’ve blogged for well over 2 years now.

 It is my hope that you read the blog for one reason or another and you leave the page having learned or thought about something you weren’t expecting to.  Read more about the blog, and check out the complete archive. And, in the vein of sparking conversation, I really encourage leaving comments on posts and… Continue reading I’ve blogged for well over 2 years now.

Co-Editing Prospect Heights Neighborhoodr

I’m now one of several editors of the Prospect Heights Neighborhoodr blog thanks to Alisha. Basically, this means I can post content and finalize submissions. I would love to help continue making it relevant and fun, so give us a follow and let me know if you have any ideas, tips, or good vibes to… Continue reading Co-Editing Prospect Heights Neighborhoodr

Interview with Jordie Poncy about his Life in MS Paint

I had the pleasure of interviewing Jordie Poncy, a friend of a friend who is very, very funny and earnest. He writes a blog called Life in MS Paint, through which he tells well-crafted stories using Microsoft Paint as his tool. I’ve never seen anything like it; he’s truly a master of his craft. **************************** Jen… Continue reading Interview with Jordie Poncy about his Life in MS Paint

Access ADL

The Anti-Defamation League has a new blog dedicated to providing inside access to their work and perspective on some of critical issues our country faces including extremism, anti-Semitism, and racism. Their posts are thoroughly researched and linked, and provides a helpful lens to recognize and understand the bigotry that is unfortunately still very present in… Continue reading Access ADL