In the world

  • Eight people in a circle, each with one arm and one leg raised in active motion.
  • Woman with black and white outfit and speaks on large stage. The podium has Tufts University branding and behind her is a screen reading financial commitment with an image of a large check.
  • A woman in a black and white dress and glasses speaks into a microphone. A woman and a man sit next to her.
  • A girl in a multicolored dress stands with arms open in the middle of a circle of other people.
  • Several round tables full of people talking with one another.


I have always felt strongly about giving back through institutions and people. Most of what I do is informal and “off the books,” though some is formal. I currently serve on Tufts Alumni Council (co-chair, strategic planning committee and member, executive committee), The Moth’s education advisory board (member), and Unfunded List’s review panel. I am also looking to join a board of an organization that works in homelessness, gun control, abuse, or women’s health; please contact me with any viable opportunities.


I have more than fifteen years of experience designing and facilitating workshops and speaking at conferences and events around the world. Many of my sessions focus on shifting power, capacity building, transparency, fundraising, or brand. Nearly all build in space for attendees to engage in reflecting together. Contact me if you’d like me to speak at your event.


I’m always happy to give publications the quote they may not have expected or to contribute a guest article. Communication matters! I’ve been featured in outlets including the Wall Street Journal, The Christian Science Monitor, The NonProfit Times, Chronicle of Philanthropy, Inside Philanthropy, TechRepublic, Alliance Magazine, and Barron’s, and have contributed articles and interviews to numerous nonprofit-focused media outlets, podcasts, and blogs. I recently started my new writing outlet Jeneralist, a blog of lists by a generalist named Jen.


I lead and contribute to projects through work, consulting, volunteerism, and “life” that range from strategic planning to resource development. My favorites are accomplished in collaboration with, and in service to, others.