2013 Joan H. Tisch Public Health Forum More than 100 people gathered in person and virtually for the annual Joan H. Tisch Public Health Forum. The topic: Can City Food Policies Reduce Disparities? Lessons from New York and London. Jennifer Raab, President of Hunter College, and Laurie Tisch gave welcoming remarks, and Sue Atkinson, the… Continue reading

Interview with Robin Gelfenbien: Comedienne and Storyteller

Last month, I had the pleasure of performing in Adam Wade’s Whatever Happened To The Nerds storytelling show alongside the very talented and hilarious Robin Gelfenbien. She hosts and performs in a bunch of shows every month, has friends who are tax attorneys, and has been spotted on numerous occasions in a hot dog truck.… Continue reading Interview with Robin Gelfenbien: Comedienne and Storyteller

Weekly #MillennialChat Builds Reach and Success

When I can, I participate in the weekly Millennial Chats held over Twitter. The reach is actually staggering; last week’s special chat about the Millennial Impact Report included 547 tweets that reached an audience of 1,423,994 followers. I was among the tweeters, and even if you weren’t following the conversation, you can check it all… Continue reading Weekly #MillennialChat Builds Reach and Success

#likemindbk – coffee & convo meetup group

Join fellow Neighborhoodr editors Alisha and Jeannie Rose for coffee and conversation tomorrow morning! Our monthly meetup is tomorrow, Friday June 15th at Hungry Ghost. For you early risers and workers, I’ll be there around 7:30am. Swing by before 10am and join us at one of the communal tables. All are invited!#likemindbk - coffee &… Continue reading #likemindbk – coffee & convo meetup group

Want to go? I’m on the host committee and promise a fun and inspiring time for all. Plus, you’ll love learning about LIFT, which is an anti-poverty social services providing non-profit that actually makes a difference.¬†Happy to discuss more if you’re interested!

Swanky NYC Benefit for Awesome Nonprofit

Hope you might be interested in coming to this great event for LIFT. I worked with LIFT for 4 years in Boston and have continued to be involved with the organization because I care about combatting poverty, providing effective and free services to folks in need in our communities, and using the rich skill set… Continue reading Swanky NYC Benefit for Awesome Nonprofit