Pacing your drunk acting is key. First drink equals feeling relaxed. Second drink equals mild euphoria. Third drink, hilarity ensues. Fourth, paranoia prevails. Fifth, sixth or more, anything from plain old meanness to self-hatred to weepy-weepy to suicidal. You want your actor to bring as much of his or her own experience to the work but not actually be drunk onstage, though I have had that experience. Yikes.

Dallas theater director René Moreno on how good actors act drunk on stage. It’s definitely a fascinating art. Read more about how actors approach the challenge and what goes into mixing a fake drink in this article

What’s the best thing to drink to get rid of the common cold?

I asked Facebook; the people answered. Here were the responses:

  • Echinacea
  • Minced garlic, with cloves and honey
  • Ginger (x10!)
  • Breathe Easy from Traditional Medicinals
  • Throat Coat by Traditional Medicinals
  • Immune Support by Yogi tea
  • Cinnamon + ginger
  • Aveda tea (it has licorice, basil, a few other herbs)
  • Add some rum
  • Add some whiskey
  • Hot toddy or old fashioned, can water down
  • Alka seltzer (tea? sure!)
  • Lemon and ginger w/ Jameson or honey
  • Sage and anise hyssop
  • Green tea with echinacea and lemon. Lemon helps you absorb most of the catechins [still trying to learn what those are, but moral: lemon’s good!]
  • Pair with this

Anything missing?

Coworking Happy Hour – Monday, October 15th!

As reported on neighborhoodr-prospectheights by guest-poster bkbrains:

This winter, we’re (really, officially) opening a new space in Prospect Heights.

It’ll be the Brainery you know and love, along with a neat new addition: coworking! The space will be open during the day for all of us freelancers and coffee-shop nomads, a place to work around other awesome folks to learn from and collaborate with.

What’s a new space without a get-together? Let’s drink some beer about it on Monday, October 15th! Since the space itself is still under construction, let’s head to Soda Bar (629 Vanderbilt) at 7pm, where we’ll probably show you lots of iPhone pictures of the space like proud parents.

RSVP’s are much appreciated, and everyone’s welcome, whether you’re looking to sign up for a desk or just want to meet some neighbors. 

Essential Details!

Monday, October 15, 7pm
Soda Bar, 629 Vanderbilt Avenue
RSVP + see who’s attending + tell all your friends:

You all know I LOVE the Brooklyn Brainery; nothing makes me happier than knowing it will be just a few blocks away from my humble abode! Freelancer friends and skill-sharing fiends, put this happy hour on the calendar and get excited!

Coworking Happy Hour – Monday, October 15th!

Top 5: Fun Things I’ve Learned From Sam Hansen (though there are many more)

In no particular order…

  1. Yellow watermelon not only exists, but is delicious.
  2. The Jen Bokoff is not only a drink, but it is delicious.
  3. We are very creative with subject lines; we’ve only repeated ourselves a handful of times. Sometime Someday Somewhere was a good one, as was the more recent Sporific Sundays is a fun one; too bad it’s Tuesday. Trends include alliteration and musings. Wednesdays are highlights, with lines such as Wednesday is for Weeping Wimpy Witches and Whoopsie Wednesday. Soccer matchups are also popular. Sam deserves most creative credit.
  4. Adam Schafer has the best house ever, including lots of Eames chairs.
  5. The golden ratio isn’t actually magical; it’s the most often mentioned and most often incorrectly mentioned mathematical thing in the world.

The Jen Bokoff

I’m lucky to have awesome friends who sometimes come cook me dinner and invent a drink for me.

Sam Hansen (who you can read things about here and here) created a drink just for me, which I present to you without further interruption for your consumption and enjoyment.

The Jen Bokoff

2 Oz rye
1 oz dry vermouth
1/2 oz ginger liqueur
4 dashes wormwood aromatic

Shake with ice

Pour and grate some ginger into the glass

NOTE: best enjoyed while playing Cribbage.