After four and a half intense and wonderful years as CEO of Groupon, I’ve decided that I’d like to spend more time with my family. Just kidding – I was fired today. If you’re wondering why… you haven’t been paying attention. From controversial metrics in our S1 to our material weakness to two quarters of missing our own expectations and a stock price that’s hovering around one quarter of our listing price, the events of the last year and a half speak for themselves. As CEO, I am accountable.

Andrew Mason, former CEO, Groupon, upon being fired in an email to employees.

Monopoly players around the kitchen table think the game is all about accumulation. You know, making a lot of money. But the real object is to bankrupt your opponents as quickly as possible. To have just enough so that everybody else has nothing.

Richard Marinaccio, the 2009 U.S. national Monopoly champion

via The Meaning of Monopoly: From American socialism to German hyperinflation to worldwide vulture capitalism, the strange and shifting lessons of a favorite board game.

Interesting take.

Question: If this is indeed the object, what personality, traits, or demographic background might a good monopoly player tend to have?

The Web-Deprived Study at McDonald’s

Yikes. What a conundrum. People increasingly need the internet to help complete school assignments, research and apply for jobs, stay current with the news, and be connected with their networks. Not everyone can afford Internet, so they look for places offering free WiFi. Cue McDonald’s, the home-base for all things unhealthy, to offer that service at more than 12,000 locations. Health issues are tied to economic status. If you’re going to McDonald’s to use their free WiFi, you’re in a demographic that is at higher risk for obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. This is not the greatest scenario. But, who else is stepping up?

The Web-Deprived Study at McDonald’s

He just introduced himself, told us about his family, and got one of our pigs.

Jessica Vanderberg, 32, director of Foxy & Winston’s print shop and design studio in Red Hook, about Mayor Michael Bloomberg going into her store.

Bloomberg had coffee with small business owners in Red Hook and folks who have been instrumental in rebuilding the community post-Sandy. I think he’s doing a great job with recovery and rebuilding efforts by listening first, planning with his team second, and only then taking action.

A working gun has been made using a 3-D printer.

I saw this article and was not surprised at all; I’ve been fearing this for months.

via halphillips:

I really think this is something we’re going to hear a LOT more about over the next few years. It is now possible to buy a printer that will let you make your own guns. This is not theoretical; it exists.

This changes everything about guns, gun laws, gun control. Every person with an opinion about guns is going to have to figure out what to think about this.

At a time when we can’t even well-control violence with guns that are known about and obtained ‘over the counter’, do we really want more guns in circulation that are not known about? What sort of regulations can we fairly put on them, and subsequently enforce? And, (human nature prove me wrong, please!) will people actually print guns given the ability?

There are so many exciting possibilities with 3-D printers; let’s hope innovation can continue on a positive trajectory rather than one that perpetuates violence.

A working gun has been made using a 3-D printer.

Coworking Happy Hour – Monday, October 15th!

As reported on neighborhoodr-prospectheights by guest-poster bkbrains:

This winter, we’re (really, officially) opening a new space in Prospect Heights.

It’ll be the Brainery you know and love, along with a neat new addition: coworking! The space will be open during the day for all of us freelancers and coffee-shop nomads, a place to work around other awesome folks to learn from and collaborate with.

What’s a new space without a get-together? Let’s drink some beer about it on Monday, October 15th! Since the space itself is still under construction, let’s head to Soda Bar (629 Vanderbilt) at 7pm, where we’ll probably show you lots of iPhone pictures of the space like proud parents.

RSVP’s are much appreciated, and everyone’s welcome, whether you’re looking to sign up for a desk or just want to meet some neighbors. 

Essential Details!

Monday, October 15, 7pm
Soda Bar, 629 Vanderbilt Avenue
RSVP + see who’s attending + tell all your friends:

You all know I LOVE the Brooklyn Brainery; nothing makes me happier than knowing it will be just a few blocks away from my humble abode! Freelancer friends and skill-sharing fiends, put this happy hour on the calendar and get excited!

Coworking Happy Hour – Monday, October 15th!

I am SO EXCITED by my new custom-made kicks courtesy of guicemann (aka Charlie)! When I was recording Flee The Scene, Kasey and Dave told me about their own spiffy sneakers, and I loved the idea. I asked Charlie if he could possibly do a pair with all of my favorite Brooklyn things, and he surpassed my expectations. I love how unique they are and how perfectly suited they are for me. I highly recommend getting a pair of your own perfectly-you shoes; I’m happy to connect you! Such a great small business.

(Fun Fact: You might notice the black bike on the sneakers. I’ll never forget you, bike!)