Is Connectivity A Human Right?

via Facebook: Today, only 2.7 billion people are online — a little more than one third of the world. That is growing by less than 9% a year, but that’s slow considering how early we are in the internet’s development. Even though projections show most people will get smartphones in the next decade, most people… Continue reading Is Connectivity A Human Right?

The Currency of the New Economy is Trust

Good TED talk highlighting how thoughtful connection with follow-through contributes to your reputation and ability to be trusted as is perceived by others. Definitely one of the arguments I make in my How to Be a Connector class for why being a Connector is a good thing.The Currency of the New Economy is Trust

Free online classes from Stanford? Sign me up!

Stanford University is offering some nifty classes online for free (no credit though) next semester. This game theory one looks neat, even though I’ve forgotten calculus (sad!), but I’m exploring others too. Classes can be taken online in spare time each week. I’d love to take a class with someone so that we can discuss… Continue reading Free online classes from Stanford? Sign me up!