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Image description: a redhead with black and white round glasses wearing a black shirt, black jacket, and a purple necklace poses in front of shelves of books. Photo courtesy of David Wolcheck.

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I’m a philanthropy professional based in Chicago, IL.

I’m in a transitional moment. After 7+ years at Candid, a brand I was honored to help create as Foundation Center and GuideStar joined forces, I’m moving on to my next adventure as the Director of Development at the Disability Rights Fund. I’m very, very excited.

I go to sleep thinking about how to better leverage resources, data, and talent to enable scalable and equitable solutions. I bring empathy, energy, humor, challenge, influence, and a bit of sass to the table as my biggest tools, and derive immense satisfaction from helping people to unlock new mission-driven ideas and solutions.

You can read more about my values and approach to day-job work and life-work here.

I love writing and recently rebranded and restarted my blog. The thoughts there and elsewhere on this site are mine and don’t necessarily reflect those of my employer, other affiliations, or total strangers on the street.

Last year, I started a #WomxnTalkPhilanthropy crowdsource turned Twitter list. Read more about this initiative and activate your network.