Philanthropy. Community. Connection.

jen-photo-brick-standingWelcome! I’m a philanthropy professional based in Brooklyn, NY. On this site, you can read my blog, view my community involvements, find out where I’m speaking and writing, and more. I encourage you to engage with blog content and to contact me with anything else that piques your interest.

My “job” is also my passion; I’m the Director of GrantCraft at Foundation Center. GrantCraft taps the practical wisdom of funders to develop resources that improve the global practice of philanthropy, and Foundation Center is the go-to place for the latest data, research, news, and trainings for the nonprofit sector.  I essentially get to be a connector for philanthropy professionals and strategize about how to make our resources most easily accessible and helpful to them.

You can read the rest of my story here.

Human-Centered Design and Improv Comedy (my not-so-secret tools)
Solving problems means putting people first. How? By tapping into human emotion and intuition. One route to get there? Humor. Post-it notes and comedic icebreakers are essential to how I work, and I invite you to explore these tools with me.

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