These kinds of proposals are happening more and more around the country. But to me, all of these ordinances and policies just redistribute homeless persons. They don’t solve the problem of homelessness. You can’t jail people out of homelessness. Robert Adelman, a sociologist at the University at Buffalo, in response to Columbia, South Carolina’s new… Continue reading

The Web-Deprived Study at McDonald’s

Yikes. What a conundrum. People increasingly need the internet to help complete school assignments, research and apply for jobs, stay current with the news, and be connected with their networks. Not everyone can afford Internet, so they look for places offering free WiFi. Cue McDonald’s, the home-base for all things unhealthy, to offer that service… Continue reading The Web-Deprived Study at McDonald’s

The Currency of the New Economy is Trust

Good TED talk highlighting how thoughtful connection with follow-through contributes to your reputation and ability to be trusted as is perceived by others. Definitely one of the arguments I make in my How to Be a Connector class for why being a Connector is a good thing.The Currency of the New Economy is Trust

The role of the SNAP program isn’t to provide additional money to paid government volunteers; it is to help feed hungry American families. Senator John Thune, R-ND, in an article framing food stamps as a perk for paid government volunteers. Right. Food stamps (SNAP benefits) are to help feed hungry Americans. At an AmeriCorps salary,… Continue reading

The State of Young America

Some interesting breakdowns here. An excerpt: Jobs & The Economy Only workers with at least a BA degree saw earnings increase over the last generation Median earnings for young African-Americans are 75% of the earnings of whites; 68% for Latinos Young women earn less than men at every level of education. Twenty-nine percent of 18-24 year… Continue reading The State of Young America


This new metric has just been launched by Opportunity Nation, the second nation campaign from Be The Change launching this weekend from New York. The campaign seeks to enhance opportunity and economic mobility in America, and this Opportunity Index is an innovative benchmarking and comparison tool that will certainly empower communities to do better. Check… Continue reading OPPORTUNITY INDEX