Announcing… my new job!

I am very excited to begin work for the Foundation Center as the Director of GrantCraft in May! Here’s the press release, and I’ll share more about the position and my work after I officially start. I am so humbled by the incredible experiences I’ve had at the Laurie M. Tisch Illumination Fund. I’ve met… Continue reading Announcing… my new job!

How to Be a Connector

Nine months ago, I shared an article called Forget Networking. How to Be a Connector. Since then, I have developed and offered a class on just that. It’s been a popular class - surprisingly so - and I’ve learned a lot through teaching it. For instance: People have a hard time realizing their existing network. There’s… Continue reading How to Be a Connector

A most sincere thank you.

Recently, I’ve gotten a few lovely out-of-the-blue emails from people who read this blog. I’m humbled and want to thank everyone for listening to my miscellaneous thoughts and reflections, and together exploring my passions, questions, and ideas. It’s fun for me to write, and it pushes me to think bigger and have conversations I wouldn’t… Continue reading A most sincere thank you.

I’ve blogged for well over 2 years now.

 It is my hope that you read the blog for one reason or another and you leave the page having learned or thought about something you weren’t expecting to.  Read more about the blog, and check out the complete archive. And, in the vein of sparking conversation, I really encourage leaving comments on posts and… Continue reading I’ve blogged for well over 2 years now.

If you subscribe to using an RSS reader…

Please take a second to do so from here; then I can track you and know that people are reading! And, if you don’t already subscribe, no better time but now! Finally, in the vein of this rare shameless self-promotion post, do share content with others if you like what you read, ask me questions… Continue reading If you subscribe to using an RSS reader…

Inviting Submissions for New Blog Title!

If I ever want to blog to scale (which surprise! I do.), I need to shape up. I don’t want to change my content (at least on this blog) because I like the mix of NYC, philanthropy, taxes, humor, snippets of thought, sociology, DIY tips, and photography, but “my masterpiece, v1.0” doesn’t sound as good… Continue reading Inviting Submissions for New Blog Title!