State of the Nonprofit Sector 2013: Survey Results

For the nonprofit data nerd in all of us, there are many productive ways to slice and dice the data from this year’s survey. The Nonprofit Finance Fund and Bank of America surveyed more than 6000 nonprofits and derived a few key learnings. One that stood out to me: Under these challenging [financial] conditions, many… Continue reading State of the Nonprofit Sector 2013: Survey Results

Provider Finder for Nonprofits Launched by Taproot Foundation

I think strategic pro bono work is a hugely untapped resource for nonprofits, so I was delighted to recently learn about this tool. It’s certainly in a beta stage, but it has a lot of potential and already evident functionality.Provider Finder for Nonprofits Launched by Taproot Foundation

The Permanent Disruption of Social Media

Social media has chipped away at the foundation of traditional donor-engagement models. A new study highlights the realities of donor behavior and how organizations can redesign their outreach strategies to be more effective. Fantastic article. Nonprofits and those involved with fundraising, please take the time to read and reflect on how you can reshape strategies… Continue reading The Permanent Disruption of Social Media

Political Fundraising (Spam)

Thanks to Gmail Meter, I feel validated in my firm belief that political fundraising is a bit ridiculous and overly bothersome. I learned in this month’s report that I received 71 emails from during the month of September, which stemmed from one small gift to the Obama campaign. I realize that as the race… Continue reading Political Fundraising (Spam)

Are You Supporting Health Horizons?

Many of you know my amazing friend Laura, who I met 8 years ago in a pre-orientation program at Tufts University. A doer-and-shaker, Laura co-founded a phenomenal nonprofit called Health Horizons International (HHI), which seeks to build a new vision of primary health care and community health in the Dominican Republic. I’ve seen the programs… Continue reading Are You Supporting Health Horizons?

Bret and Jemaine of Flight of the Conchords fame have worked with kids to create a song, “Feel Inside (And Stuff Like That),” completely to benefit Cure Kids in New Zealand. I was just going to post the song here, but I actually really enjoyed watching their whole process, which includes some fun references, tangents,… Continue reading

75% of 20-35 year olds donated to charitable causes in 2011

Remember the Millennial Donor and Engagement survey? Well, the results are in, and there’s a lot to be celebrated and learned! Here’s the full survey results along with some pretty neat infographics, and here’s an article from The Chronicle of Philanthropy breaking the (good) news. Below is a teaser of some of the learnings.

Top Ten Grant Proposal Mistakes

Writing a grant and feeling like it’s not quite there? Here are some top mistakes to check your proposal for and fix before you submit! TYPOS! Redundancy Length (too short if it’s missing components; too long if I forgot what I read 5 minutes ago) Vague (use examples! numbers! color!) Dry (a little passion is… Continue reading Top Ten Grant Proposal Mistakes

YouTube Seeks to Improve Nonprofit Videos

YouTube in recent weeks has turned its focus to helping nonprofits create more powerful, effective videos, with a new “playbook” guide and a chance to participate in a one-day video boot camp in San Francisco. The free 24-page guide, “YouTube for Good,” helps nonprofits devise attention-grabbing names and code their videos’ descriptions to make them… Continue reading YouTube Seeks to Improve Nonprofit Videos