I delight in un-sticking people and teams. I believe that engaging with curiosity, open-mindedness, and directness can unleash unlimited potential.

Brand development

Unlock opportunities by working with me on developing and strengthening your personal or small business brand. I’ll audit your current brand, analyze it in the context of your goals, and map out what you need to do to represent yourself authentically and intentionally. I work with a few long-term clients at a time to provide ongoing brand coaching and services, including but not limited to: updating positioning, developing personal websites, editing articles, framing consultancies, entering a job hunt, and more.


I am a trained human-centered design facilitator and amateur comedic improviser. I have designed and led hundreds of workshops, meetings, retreats, and events in numerous contexts. A large part of my design process is understanding the goals and context of the conveners, key stakeholders, and attendees to bring clarity, focus, and intentionality to the gathering itself. Being human is a key tool. I like virtual gatherings almost as much as in person.

Brain picks

I’m a curious, reliable, and authentic sounding board. Work with me to move past challenges or to develop and strengthen big ideas. I offer quality insight and advice, and give you accountability to work through whatever you’re stuck on. What could you use my brain on?


Our conversation has been transformational and set in motion all kinds of things for me! I found new motivation and energy, and am excited about my career again.

Inga I, researcher

“I interviewed with a department head at a big hospital, and the first thing she said was ‘you had a great CV.’ Thank you Jen!”

Sarah G, medical doctor

Jen helped bring out the best in my materials. She was strategic and smart in shaping my story and partnered with me to ask questions and spark new thinking. She is an incredible writer and copy-editor, but more importantly, an astute strategist.

Naomi R., content strategist

Referrals are always appreciated!

A smiling readhead with glasses and a lime green umbrella leans on a railing next to a canal.  Behind her are several brick buildings.
This is me on a solo adventure to Ghent, Belgium. It was a rainy, delightful trip. My consulting funds my travel dreams!