Dove conducted an experiment about how women perceive their own beauty. Very interesting to watch. [Update 4/18/2013: I have heard as much negative about this ad as positive over the last several days. Posting was not an endorsement but rather a spark of conversation. My personal opinion: On one level, this is fascinating to see… Continue reading

Staycation Retreat

It’s official: my staycation through the end ofthe year has begun! I’m hoping to use this as a sort of Jen Bokoff company retreat, where I look at what’s been accomplished this year and determine a strategy for the future across all aspects of my life. It’s a one-person entity, but as you know, I… Continue reading Staycation Retreat

Stolen Passwords: What do they say about professionalism?

It’s old news by now that nearly 6.5 million LinkedIn passwords were likely stolen last week. The hacker posted the passwords online, unattached to usernames (how kind!), to boast this feat. Security firm Rapid7 released the following as part of an infographic summarizing the hack: This made me think: Would a potential employer’s opinion of… Continue reading Stolen Passwords: What do they say about professionalism?