The New York Public Library is training computers to recognize building shapes and other information from old city maps, and they need your help!  Take a few minutes to help hone the data; no experience or knowledge required! This is a very neat experiment in crowdsourcing data aggregation for use to improve civic society.

He puts up a Christmas tree once a week and decorates it, then takes it down the next morning. A voracious reader of history, he’s been known to clip favorite words from books and eat them. Sometimes he’ll eat whole paragraphs. His New York Public Library card has been permanently revoked. He doesn’t observe Tuesdays. … Continue reading

In the 1950s, having the Encyclopaedia Britannica on the bookshelf was akin to a station wagon in the garage or a black-and-white Zenith in the den, a possession coveted for its usefulness and as a goalpost for an aspirational middle class. Buying a set was often a financial stretch, and many families had to pay … Continue reading

New York architect John Locke saw a unique opportunity and now has made very cool-looking and practical libraries/book drops that fit nicely on our existing infrastructure. Some say they will be trashed, but I honestly don’t think they will be any more than anything else. I support this project and will definitely donate a book … Continue reading

This video fairly well answers the question “So what happened at the library?” A few of my new buddies are in it, too! It doesn’t show all sides of it, of course, but it sets a good foundation for conversation and “getting” the general game structure (as much as it can be generally understood). For … Continue reading