Staycation Retreat

It’s official: my staycation through the end ofthe year has begun! I’m hoping to use this as a sort of Jen Bokoff company retreat, where I look at what’s been accomplished this year and determine a strategy for the future across all aspects of my life. It’s a one-person entity, but as you know, I… Continue reading Staycation Retreat

Taking Time to Process: Why it’s important, why we don’t have it, and how to do it anyway.

Maybe part of it is being busy or the pace of life, but I feel like I can’t often fully enjoy or otherwise appreciate the aftermath of an experience. But, I wouldn’t say that the explanation is “on to the next!” It can take a week, a month, a year, or more sometimes to really… Continue reading Taking Time to Process: Why it’s important, why we don’t have it, and how to do it anyway.

Brainstorming: A History and Future

I really liked this infographic and experiment. Below it, I’ve included a few more brainstorming exercises that I think work well. I don’t think there’s a catch-all answer. via Are We Brainstorming the Right Way? Brainstorming about Brainstorming… more exercises to try These are a few from my experience; please add yours, too! Pitch Not-Your-Own Idea:… Continue reading Brainstorming: A History and Future

SUCCESS: One Year in Accountability Partnership

A little over a year ago, I introduced the idea of an accountability partnership and was so fortunate that Sam Hansen wanted to try. We’ve now been at it a year, and I have so appreciated our daily goal-setting emails and occasional chats. The partnership has kept me more accountable to making and achieving goals, because we… Continue reading SUCCESS: One Year in Accountability Partnership