Do things, tell people.

According to Carl Lange, these are the only two things you need to do to be successful, which he (very well) defines as taking advantage of personally interesting opportunities. Matt Swanson wrote a follow-up post with the reminder that telling people about what you do can come in the form of writing, of blogging. I… Continue reading Do things, tell people.

Be careful what you tweet; you might actually get fired.

General news article with related legal memos. Is venting online similar to venting around a water cooler, or much more? My view: own whatever you say regardless of where you say it. And, note that sarcasm and tone are not always apparent; plan on someone ‘not getting it’.Be careful what you tweet; you might actually… Continue reading Be careful what you tweet; you might actually get fired.

Resolutions: checking in and checking out (reprisal)

Here’s how this went last year. And now, checking in on those resolutions made for 2012: Do awesome photo projects Started the Brooklyn Bathroom Blog and have been going on fun photo outings. Also bartered grantwriting help with a photography lesson. Definitely giving space for photography exploration, though I’d like to enjoy what I do… Continue reading Resolutions: checking in and checking out (reprisal)

Staycation Retreat

It’s official: my staycation through the end ofthe year has begun! I’m hoping to use this as a sort of Jen Bokoff company retreat, where I look at what’s been accomplished this year and determine a strategy for the future across all aspects of my life. It’s a one-person entity, but as you know, I… Continue reading Staycation Retreat

Sesame Street answers the question ‘What is a career?' with the help of Sonia Sotomayor. Pros: Cool profession, breakout from gender roles, dream big Cons: Teleprompter reading, settling on one career, no substantive information about how getting into law school isn’t easy and costs a lot of money and might not even result in a… Continue reading

But social entrepreneurs alone cannot change the world. They need artists, volunteers, development directors, communications specialists, donors, and advocates across all sectors to turn their groundbreaking ideas into reality. They need fundraisers, supporters who can change policies, someone to create a brochure describing their work. If everyone wants to start a new organization, who is… Continue reading

HR Tip: Know Your Job Description

This interesting article from New York Magazine highlights how even high-powered women like Valerie Jarrett know they do a lot, but can’t quite put a finger on it. The job description is amorphous, and it’s worth defining. A job description is never perfect, but it should be written, periodically reviewed with a direct supervisor and… Continue reading HR Tip: Know Your Job Description Releases Surveys About Employment in the Nonprofit Sector

The Job Seeker Survey and the Organization Survey released last week by Idealist give interesting insights to employment in nonprofits. Some points of particular note: Nonprofit Jobseekers They are experienced: 30% of job seekers are over the age 50; 26% have more than 11 years of experience in the nonprofit sector. They value opportunities for… Continue reading Releases Surveys About Employment in the Nonprofit Sector

I completely missed this awesome answer to my NASA question from my favorite science blogger jtotheizzoe, but here it is! NASA has been continuously recruiting astronauts since 1959, even before we flew into space. There’s no signs of this slowing, although the missions and skills are continuously changing. Every few years, NASA picks a dozen or… Continue reading