Sam’s new project, ACMEScience News Now launched today, and wow is it fascinating! I’m so proud! Here is the full first episode, in which we learn about crowdsourcing as a scientific tool. I love crowdsourcing* and really appreciated the perspective in this interview. "The crowd identifies things that are unexpected." - Paul Hines *look for… Continue reading

I was a guest on the awesome mischievous exploits + games + chit chat + charity-benefiting podcast Flee The Scene! It was a pranks episode in which we also discuss horrible cat noises, scamming old people, the Penn State racquetball scandal, and inventing a dumb charity. I played True Crime and Unbelievable Laws for LIFT… Continue reading

Check out the latest Pre-Recorded Late Night podcast!

It’s an improv podcast that I’ve been working on with some really fun folks in other time zones, and I’d be much obliged if you give it a listen and share liberally! Also, if you have feedback on the format and/or ideas for future episodes, please share them with Jay. You can also subscribe on… Continue reading Check out the latest Pre-Recorded Late Night podcast!

My buddy samuelhansen shared this neat new episode of his brand new podcast today and it’s well worth a listen whether you consider yourself a math/science person or not. His note: I have just started a new podcast over at about the great rivalries behind science called Science Sparring Society. The first episode is… Continue reading