Dove conducted an experiment about how women perceive their own beauty. Very interesting to watch.

[Update 4/18/2013: I have heard as much negative about this ad as positive over the last several days. Posting was not an endorsement but rather a spark of conversation. My personal opinion: On one level, this is fascinating to see the difference in how people view themselves from how they’re viewed by strangers. To me, the difference in the second drawing was more a tone, a confidence, that makes someone more ‘beautiful’. On a different level though, I’m bothered by the homogenous subjects (just women in their 30s and 40s of mid-range weight and appearance with no normal blemishes or other noticeable appearance features) even though Dove usually does a better job than most with showing a range of women, and also the idea that beauty means narrower face, less freckles, fuller hair, etc. At the end of the day, I don’t think this ad/experiment is really helpful, and the interesting qualities would be better served outside of the beauty brand context. That’s my take.]

Well — he did not —.

Clarence Thomas, Supreme Court Justice

This is all that was captured in the official court transcript, but it’s part of what seemed to have been a somewhat loaded, snarky comment about his alma mater, Yale.

Why does one little comment even make headlines? Thomas, the ‘silent justice’, hasn’t asked a question in session since February 22, 2006.

NYE 2013, Hard Rock Cafe and Times Square, through the Times Square Alliance

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It was incredible. I wasn’t with friends or family for the first time ever, which I thought would be weird, but the staff I volunteered with was wonderful and we had a lot of fun. Plus, everyone who was there was sharing this really special place and celebration, which just felt awesome. Everyone singing New York, New York together after the ball dropped while the confetti was flying was one of my favorite experiences since living here.

Oh, also, it was an interesting party to attend after the ball-drop:


are only clips, but maybe paint a little picture…


Narratively, a new digital publication devoted to original, true & in-depth stories about New York, is going to be big. They have an experienced team with fresh angles to journalism and a clear vision. I have often lamented how the news glosses over the most incredible human interest stories because there’s something flashier to be told; Narratively will return the focus to the minutiae that together make New York the best city in the world. There are certainly fun storytelling nights and blogs and exhibits and other fun outlets that celebrate the city and the people in it, but nothing to date that has used “new media” to tell stories and achieve scale.

To get this project rolling, they’ve gone the Kickstarter route. The benefits for donating are really neat, and I have no doubt that the content they will put out as a result will be fantastic. Help support this project today, and capture the stories of New Yorkers forever. (Is that too cheesy? I suppose that’s why I’m not a ‘real’ journalist.)