Photographer Rosie Holtom took pictures of homeless people from London, dressed as they’d like the world to see them. Not only are they beautiful portraits, but there is such light and confidence that comes through in these. As communities, we need to be better about inspiring that in those who are homeless for whatever reason;… Continue reading

These kinds of proposals are happening more and more around the country. But to me, all of these ordinances and policies just redistribute homeless persons. They don’t solve the problem of homelessness. You can’t jail people out of homelessness. Robert Adelman, a sociologist at the University at Buffalo, in response to Columbia, South Carolina’s new… Continue reading

Recognizing what homeless really means

During the recent storm, thousands and thousands of people lost their homes either permanently or for an extended period of time. These people span the socioeconomic spectrum; many have assets, good jobs, and degrees from a university. They are, by definition, homeless. The HUD definition of homelessness includes: People who are living in a place… Continue reading Recognizing what homeless really means

Homeless people have become Internet hotspots at SXSW through a partnership between the festival and Front Steps. They can make money through PayPal donations, and the idea behind it is that it’s more useful to attendees than selling newspapers. It’s edgy and certainly controversial. I like it*. Each hotspot’s success - like any other enterprise… Continue reading

FWD Thinking: New Tumblr Displays NYC’s Pothole Progress

mbooth: The next time you consider complaining about a pothole on a New York City street, maybe you should check Tumblr first. The NYC Department of Transportation has just launched a new Tumblr called The Daily Pothole, to keep Gotham citizens updated on its pothole progress. The blog posts photos, maps and graphs of street… Continue reading FWD Thinking: New Tumblr Displays NYC’s Pothole Progress

Living Philanthropic: Day 293: Pine Street Inn

livingphilanthropic: Today’s give is in honor of Carl D, this guy is a prime example of paying it forward. Carl washes dishes part time at a restaurant in Billerica, MA to earn extra money to donate to charity as part of his spiritual path for lessons in humility and sacrifice. He is a true everyday… Continue reading Living Philanthropic: Day 293: Pine Street Inn