A most sincere thank you.

Recently, I’ve gotten a few lovely out-of-the-blue emails from people who read this blog. I’m humbled and want to thank everyone for listening to my miscellaneous thoughts and reflections, and together exploring my passions, questions, and ideas. It’s fun for me to write, and it pushes me to think bigger and have conversations I wouldn’t otherwise have. I hope that the occasional post does that for you, too.

I suppose I could queue this post up for Thanksgiving, but why wait, right? THANK YOU for reading, commenting, reflecting, sharing, and using the blog to spark new conversations.

Someone asked me recently where I get all of the content and ideas for posts. Here’s the answer: through all of you. Almost everything comes directly or indirectly from what people in my network share via conversation, email, facebook, twitter, gchat status, or blogs. I’m constantly amazed by the scope of knowledge and information out there, and I’m lucky to have my ear to the ground in so many different places so that I can grab hold of those topics that are particularly interesting. I’m constantly learning from you, so thank you for that, too.

Obviously, I always love hearing from you, the awesome reader, so drop me a line or tweet me or chat via tumblr anytime. I mean it. And thank you, again.

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