Six Great Philanthropy Blogs

I really enjoy all of these for their thoughtfulness and relevance. If you’re interested in philanthropy and my content isn’t quite enough, well worth reading any or all of these. White Courtesy Telephone:Posts include perspectives on learning,education and training in the field of philanthropy. Philantopic: A blog of Opinion and Commentary from The Philanthropy News Digest… Continue reading Six Great Philanthropy Blogs

Inviting Submissions for New Blog Title!

If I ever want to blog to scale (which surprise! I do.), I need to shape up. I don’t want to change my content (at least on this blog) because I like the mix of NYC, philanthropy, taxes, humor, snippets of thought, sociology, DIY tips, and photography, but “my masterpiece, v1.0” doesn’t sound as good… Continue reading Inviting Submissions for New Blog Title!

Why Giving Back Makes Cents*

I wrote this for the Back to the Hill blog for Tufts University. But, the thoughts can apply across the private university spectrum. Incoming call. 617-627-5000. Wait! Don’t groan yet!  Yes, it might be a robotic sophomore calling to ask for money for Tufts, but give her a chance! Yes, you’re still paying back student loans and trying to… Continue reading Why Giving Back Makes Cents*