The Jew, the Jew, and the Gentile

My friend Valerie and I were biking back to Clinton Hill from Williamsburg. It was evening; she wanted to take the Wythe route through the Jewish part of the neighborhood, as it was better lit and less hilly. I noticed a woman in a traditional white long sleeve blouse, long black skirt, and tights signaling… Continue reading The Jew, the Jew, and the Gentile

Community Calls For Improved Safety Measures At Brooklyn Intersection

It makes me sick that this happened. It also makes me sick that transportation precautions to protect cyclists and pedestrians are lacking in more places than they are present, and that they would absolutely mitigate the chance of fatalities. What will it take for the City to act? Also, the Bandes family has my deepest… Continue reading Community Calls For Improved Safety Measures At Brooklyn Intersection

Bike Corrals Expanding Access to Businesses

Clear, simply-put argument for the benefit of bike parking rather than car parking. But, that’s because I’m a cyclist. If you’re a car owner in a city of already-limited places to park, I can see where this is frustrating and continues to separate, rather than unite, a community (in this article’s case, my community). It’s… Continue reading Bike Corrals Expanding Access to Businesses

Resolutions: checking in and checking out (reprisal)

Here’s how this went last year. And now, checking in on those resolutions made for 2012: Do awesome photo projects Started the Brooklyn Bathroom Blog and have been going on fun photo outings. Also bartered grantwriting help with a photography lesson. Definitely giving space for photography exploration, though I’d like to enjoy what I do… Continue reading Resolutions: checking in and checking out (reprisal)

The Brooklyn Navy Yard by bike (is awesome)

I was going to do my own post about the awesome bike tour I did this weekend through Turnstile Tours and the Brooklyn Brainery, but Jen at the Brainery did a fantastic writeup that’s easier to reblog! So that’s below, and some of my own photos are on Instagram. bkbrains: Yesterday, we were spent an… Continue reading The Brooklyn Navy Yard by bike (is awesome)