New Website Alert!

Interested in seeding your own nonprofit or do-gooder project, but don’t have a 501c3 status? Or, is your nonprofit interested in broadening its horizons without having the internal capacity or the vision to do so? Fiscal sponsorship generally entails a nonprofit organization (the “fiscal sponsor”) agreeing to provide administrative services and oversight to, and assume… Continue reading New Website Alert!

Interview: Oriana Leckert, Creator and Author of Brooklyn Spaces

The only thing I love more than people who are passionate about a thing and then do something with that thing is when I am crazy about that thing, too. Oriana Leckert does exactly that with her online compendium of culture and creativity in Brooklyn, Brooklyn Spaces. As the creator and author, Oriana does an incredible… Continue reading Interview: Oriana Leckert, Creator and Author of Brooklyn Spaces

Announcing First Ever Brooklyn Neighborhood Reports

The Center for the Study of Brooklyn at Brooklyn College and the Brooklyn Community Foundation are pleased to release the first ever Brooklyn Neighborhood Reports.  Over 600 pages in total, each of the 19 new reports- one for each of the borough’s 18 Community Districts, and one for all of Brooklyn- include over 90 indicators that explore 9 different theme… Continue reading Announcing First Ever Brooklyn Neighborhood Reports

State of NYC Dance

This study was executed by Dance/NYC and sheds important light on how the dance community is doing both programmaticly and operationally. It’s gotten coverage in the New York Times and Wall Street Journal, too! via an introduction by Kate Levin, the city’s Commissioner of the Department of Cultural Affairs: Taking a thoughtful approach, the study… Continue reading State of NYC Dance