Wealthy Young Donors Push Charities to Show Results

Bottom line: This article argues that 20 and 30-somethings with wealth want to clearly see how their financial gift will advance a cause, but that they also respect established histories of giving in their family. Makes sense. I’m excited to see more stories in the coming years on what causes specifically millennial donors are giving… Continue reading Wealthy Young Donors Push Charities to Show Results

Widget Alert! Gmail Meter is a Must-Have!

I manage both the receipt and sending of an extraordinary number of emails a day both at work and in my personal life. I’m constantly looking for ways to streamline and simplify what needs to happen with each email, and I finally found some truly fascinating insights courtesy of Gmail Meter. I ran a report… Continue reading Widget Alert! Gmail Meter is a Must-Have!


This new metric has just been launched by Opportunity Nation, the second nation campaign from Be The Change launching this weekend from New York. The campaign seeks to enhance opportunity and economic mobility in America, and this Opportunity Index is an innovative benchmarking and comparison tool that will certainly empower communities to do better. Check… Continue reading OPPORTUNITY INDEX

Proposal: a new metric for company success

It’s more or less all about the money and reach, both long and short term, right? We don’t usually look at ethics of a company until they’re discovered to be twisted. And, we mostly know companies based on their leaders and brand. What about the individuals who compose the company? In my twisted sociological paradigm,… Continue reading Proposal: a new metric for company success