The New York Public Library is training computers to recognize building shapes and other information from old city maps, and they need your help!  Take a few minutes to help hone the data; no experience or knowledge required! This is a very neat experiment in crowdsourcing data aggregation for use to improve civic society.

It’s hard to believe cellular phones have been around for 40 years. They’ve really changed the way we keep in touch, do business, and communicate on whole. I wonder where the next 40 years will take our talking devices…

Originally I was hoping to do some data visualizations with really old census stuff, but then I stumbled upon all of these amazing ones that had already been done. Jonathan Soma, the Brainery co-founder who created A Handsome Atlas, which is basically a treasure trove of awesome data depictions. He’s doing a great job of … Continue reading

Wealthy Young Donors Push Charities to Show Results

Bottom line: This article argues that 20 and 30-somethings with wealth want to clearly see how their financial gift will advance a cause, but that they also respect established histories of giving in their family. Makes sense. I’m excited to see more stories in the coming years on what causes specifically millennial donors are giving … Continue reading Wealthy Young Donors Push Charities to Show Results

The Super Bowl statistic we aren’t talking about. via The Enliven Project: 1 out of 6 men on the field next Sunday could be survivors of sexual violence. That’s right, 1 out of 6. Just to be clear, we don’t know whether specific players have had specific experiences.  We simply want to you to look … Continue reading