Coworking Happy Hour – Monday, October 15th!

As reported on neighborhoodr-prospectheights by guest-poster bkbrains:

This winter, we’re (really, officially) opening a new space in Prospect Heights.

It’ll be the Brainery you know and love, along with a neat new addition: coworking! The space will be open during the day for all of us freelancers and coffee-shop nomads, a place to work around other awesome folks to learn from and collaborate with.

What’s a new space without a get-together? Let’s drink some beer about it on Monday, October 15th! Since the space itself is still under construction, let’s head to Soda Bar (629 Vanderbilt) at 7pm, where we’ll probably show you lots of iPhone pictures of the space like proud parents.

RSVP’s are much appreciated, and everyone’s welcome, whether you’re looking to sign up for a desk or just want to meet some neighbors. 

Essential Details!

Monday, October 15, 7pm
Soda Bar, 629 Vanderbilt Avenue
RSVP + see who’s attending + tell all your friends:

You all know I LOVE the Brooklyn Brainery; nothing makes me happier than knowing it will be just a few blocks away from my humble abode! Freelancer friends and skill-sharing fiends, put this happy hour on the calendar and get excited!

Coworking Happy Hour – Monday, October 15th!

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