Philanthropy Fashions: What’s here to stay, and what’s just a trend?

Read my guest post from the Communications Network blog. Here’s an excerpt: Just as wearing animal prints is not right for everyone (and certainly not for me!), not every industry trend fits every organization. Big Data is certainly out there, but foundations would be prudent to think about how to “make it their own” before… Continue reading Philanthropy Fashions: What’s here to stay, and what’s just a trend?

“It was for the veterans’ ‘got your 6’ campaign”

If you watched the Oscars with an obnoxiously scrutinizing eye like I did and read all of the follow-up fashion reports, you might have heard some buzz about one of my favorite men in Hollywood, Tom Hanks. He was wearing a metallic number 6 pin on his lapel, and the only explanation his publicist gave… Continue reading “It was for the veterans’ ‘got your 6’ campaign”

Obama & Chavez were smooching?! Not really…. it’s part of United Colors of Benetton's effort to bring awareness to their Unhate Foundation, which seeks to contribute to the creation of a new culture of tolerance and to combat hated. The ad campaign, featuring world leaders kissing and made possible by photoshop, is self-aware in its… Continue reading