A working gun has been made using a 3-D printer.

I saw this article and was not surprised at all; I’ve been fearing this for months.

via halphillips:

I really think this is something we’re going to hear a LOT more about over the next few years. It is now possible to buy a printer that will let you make your own guns. This is not theoretical; it exists.

This changes everything about guns, gun laws, gun control. Every person with an opinion about guns is going to have to figure out what to think about this.

At a time when we can’t even well-control violence with guns that are known about and obtained ‘over the counter’, do we really want more guns in circulation that are not known about? What sort of regulations can we fairly put on them, and subsequently enforce? And, (human nature prove me wrong, please!) will people actually print guns given the ability?

There are so many exciting possibilities with 3-D printers; let’s hope innovation can continue on a positive trajectory rather than one that perpetuates violence.

A working gun has been made using a 3-D printer.

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