What’s Your Slavery Footprint?

This provocative site was shared by a design consultant in a meeting this week. Yes, the design of the site is quite interesting, but the content of the site is what stood out most to me. Spend 10 minutes taking the survey; it’s very illuminating. 

What’s Your Slavery Footprint?

You’ve heard about Righteous Cowboy Lightning before either from my ump rant or 30 Rock, or if you’re truly awesome, both.

This* is this year’s softball team. We work hard, play hard, and cheer hard. It’s a fun bunch. Matt (one of our front row fans) started to make pretty awesome player cards. He tested out the design and feel on mine, and it made my week; this is the type of fun “professionals” don’t get to indulge in enough. It’s good for morale and a smile**, and some day, this card could be worth big money when I make it to the big leagues.

*click the photo or card to enlarge

**to my grandparents who read this, “Jewish grandma” means I encourage people to eat food, stay hydrated, and stay safe on the base path.

Typographer’s Glossary by Playtype: Click through to view letterform anatomy, type classification, information on kerning, and other vital facts for typographers.

This is a lot of information that I’ve always been curious about packaged neatly and comprehensively.