Political Fundraising (Spam)

Thanks to Gmail Meter, I feel validated in my firm belief that political fundraising is a bit ridiculous and overly bothersome. I learned in this month’s report that I received 71 emails from info@barakobama.com during the month of September, which stemmed from one small gift to the Obama campaign. I realize that as the race… Continue reading Political Fundraising (Spam)

1. The Listserve is a massive e-mail list — a ‘listserv.’ 2. Each day, one person is randomly selected to write one e-mail to the growing list. That’s the only e-mail allowed to be sent to The Listserve. (And the winner’s e-mail address won’t be disclosed to the listserv — unless they want it to… Continue reading

SUCCESS: One Year in Accountability Partnership

A little over a year ago, I introduced the idea of an accountability partnership and was so fortunate that Sam Hansen wanted to try. We’ve now been at it a year, and I have so appreciated our daily goal-setting emails and occasional chats. The partnership has kept me more accountable to making and achieving goals, because we… Continue reading SUCCESS: One Year in Accountability Partnership

Widget Alert! Gmail Meter is a Must-Have!

I manage both the receipt and sending of an extraordinary number of emails a day both at work and in my personal life. I’m constantly looking for ways to streamline and simplify what needs to happen with each email, and I finally found some truly fascinating insights courtesy of Gmail Meter. I ran a report… Continue reading Widget Alert! Gmail Meter is a Must-Have!