Top Ten Grant Proposal Mistakes

Writing a grant and feeling like it’s not quite there? Here are some top mistakes to check your proposal for and fix before you submit!

  1. TYPOS!
  2. Redundancy
  3. Length (too short if it’s missing components; too long if I forgot what I read 5 minutes ago)
  4. Vague (use examples! numbers! color!)
  5. Dry (a little passion is good)
  6. Leaving the reader with questions (anticipate and attack!)
  7. Generic (target your funder)
  8. Confusing goals and objectives
  9. Not following directions
  10. Inconsistencies (are all of your numbers and program names the same?)

These are my personal observations and suggestions that I share in my class How to Write a Grant Proposal at the Brooklyn Brainery. If you want more tips like these, stay tuned for the next class and browse my other nonprofit blog posts!

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