State of the Nonprofit Sector 2013: Survey Results

For the nonprofit data nerd in all of us, there are many productive ways to slice and dice the data from this year’s survey. The Nonprofit Finance Fund and Bank of America surveyed more than 6000 nonprofits and derived a few key learnings. One that stood out to me: Under these challenging [financial] conditions, many… Continue reading State of the Nonprofit Sector 2013: Survey Results

Originally I was hoping to do some data visualizations with really old census stuff, but then I stumbled upon all of these amazing ones that had already been done. Jonathan Soma, the Brainery co-founder who created A Handsome Atlas, which is basically a treasure trove of awesome data depictions. He’s doing a great job of… Continue reading

For staff members to feel empowered, they need to believe that management communicates a clear direction for the future, that they are working in alignment with the CEO and board, that the foundation cares about them, and that their performance reviews are fair and helpful. One of the key findings in the recently released study… Continue reading

Does your organization want to know more about your younger donors and volunteers?

Yes? You should make your organization a Millennial Research Project partner! Since 2010, more than 10,000 Millennials have participated in the Millennial Impact Research studies. The Millennial Impact Project is the most comprehensive research on Millennials, covering topics including how they (my generation) connect, involve and support causes. The intent of the research is to… Continue reading Does your organization want to know more about your younger donors and volunteers?

Analyzing Networks // Wolfram Alpha Takes on Facebook

Wolfram Alpha, a cool tool for learning anything about everything, just added integration with Facebook so you can analyze your network. As someone who is fascinated by the people who surround me, I tested it out and it was definitely both fun and interesting. Some of my favorite findings worth sharing here (though I question… Continue reading Analyzing Networks // Wolfram Alpha Takes on Facebook

Sam’s new project, ACMEScience News Now launched today, and wow is it fascinating! I’m so proud! Here is the full first episode, in which we learn about crowdsourcing as a scientific tool. I love crowdsourcing* and really appreciated the perspective in this interview. "The crowd identifies things that are unexpected." - Paul Hines *look for… Continue reading