What’s the best thing to drink to get rid of the common cold?

I asked Facebook; the people answered. Here were the responses:

  • Echinacea
  • Minced garlic, with cloves and honey
  • Ginger (x10!)
  • Breathe Easy from Traditional Medicinals
  • Throat Coat by Traditional Medicinals
  • Immune Support by Yogi tea
  • Cinnamon + ginger
  • Aveda tea (it has licorice, basil, a few other herbs)
  • Add some rum
  • Add some whiskey
  • Hot toddy or old fashioned, can water down
  • Alka seltzer (tea? sure!)
  • Lemon and ginger w/ Jameson or honey
  • Sage and anise hyssop
  • Green tea with echinacea and lemon. Lemon helps you absorb most of the catechins [still trying to learn what those are, but moral: lemon’s good!]
  • Pair with this

Anything missing?

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