Check out this FluNearYou video, which is the result of a phenomenal collaboration by a hospital, a public health association, and a funder. The government should be monitoring and taking action to prevent this national threat, but they’re not doing much of anything right now (or ever?), so it’s lucky that this project is stepping… Continue reading

What’s the best thing to drink to get rid of the common cold?

I asked Facebook; the people answered. Here were the responses: Echinacea Minced garlic, with cloves and honey Ginger (x10!) Breathe Easy from Traditional Medicinals Throat Coat by Traditional Medicinals Immune Support by Yogi tea Cinnamon + ginger Aveda tea (it has licorice, basil, a few other herbs) Add some rum Add some whiskey Hot toddy… Continue reading What’s the best thing to drink to get rid of the common cold?

Medicine, Sociology, Academia, Identity, Performance. Wit.

I was thrilled to attend an incredible preview performance of Wit at Manhattan Theatre Club, which officially opens this evening. Through the 30 Under 30 club, three girlfriends and I got great seats to this show, directed by Lynne Meadow and starring Cynthia Nixon, which far exceeded my already high expectations. I first learned about Wit in a medical sociology… Continue reading Medicine, Sociology, Academia, Identity, Performance. Wit.