Top 5: Fun Things I’ve Learned From Sam Hansen (though there are many more)

In no particular order…

  1. Yellow watermelon not only exists, but is delicious.
  2. The Jen Bokoff is not only a drink, but it is delicious.
  3. We are very creative with subject lines; we’ve only repeated ourselves a handful of times. Sometime Someday Somewhere was a good one, as was the more recent Sporific Sundays is a fun one; too bad it’s Tuesday. Trends include alliteration and musings. Wednesdays are highlights, with lines such as Wednesday is for Weeping Wimpy Witches and Whoopsie Wednesday. Soccer matchups are also popular. Sam deserves most creative credit.
  4. Adam Schafer has the best house ever, including lots of Eames chairs.
  5. The golden ratio isn’t actually magical; it’s the most often mentioned and most often incorrectly mentioned mathematical thing in the world.

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