Check out this FluNearYou video, which is the result of a phenomenal collaboration by a hospital, a public health association, and a funder. The government should be monitoring and taking action to prevent this national threat, but they’re not doing much of anything right now (or ever?), so it’s lucky that this project is stepping… Continue reading

Keynote Speaker: Youth Philanthropy Connect Conference

I’m very excited to announce that I will be the keynote speaker at the Youth Philanthropy Connect conference in Disneyland this June! I enjoy sharing my passions and embrace the challenge of communicating new topics to enthusiastic people, so this should be a ton of fun. I’ll also be leading a few workshops while I’m… Continue reading Keynote Speaker: Youth Philanthropy Connect Conference

Sam’s new project, ACMEScience News Now launched today, and wow is it fascinating! I’m so proud! Here is the full first episode, in which we learn about crowdsourcing as a scientific tool. I love crowdsourcing* and really appreciated the perspective in this interview. "The crowd identifies things that are unexpected." - Paul Hines *look for… Continue reading