Analyzing Networks // Wolfram Alpha Takes on Facebook

Wolfram Alpha, a cool tool for learning anything about everything, just added integration with Facebook so you can analyze your network. As someone who is fascinated by the people who surround me, I tested it out and it was definitely both fun and interesting.

Some of my favorite findings worth sharing here (though I question the complete accuracy):

Most common friends’ names:

Sarah (23)  |  Rachel (22)  |  Michael (19)  |  David (18)  |  Jason (18)

Relationship statuses:

Single (24.5%)  |  Married (29.5%)  |  Engaged (9%)  | In a Relationship (34%)

Gender breakdown:

Female (58.3%)  |  Male (41.7%)

Most commented on status:

The one after I was hit by a truck last summer (37 comments)

Word frequencies for wall posts:

friends  (96)  |  know  (79)  |  new  (70)  |  fun  (69)  |  please  (69)  |  
people (66) | good (63) | really (62) | day (61) | awesome (58)

And my visualization of my network, which I think I might adopt as a personal branding tool / logo for all things connector. (What do you think?)

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