Brainstorming: A History and Future

I really liked this infographic and experiment. Below it, I’ve included a few more brainstorming exercises that I think work well. I don’t think there’s a catch-all answer. via¬†Are We Brainstorming the Right Way? Brainstorming about Brainstorming… more exercises to try These are a few from my experience; please add yours, too! Pitch Not-Your-Own Idea:… Continue reading Brainstorming: A History and Future

@JetBlue made me think I was brilliant

for about 5 seconds anyway. Yesterday, JetBlue tweeted "What would you say to JetBlue leaders if you had 140 characters? Twitter is now up on the big screen at our spring leadership summit #jblc10" In a moment of brilliance, I decided that this was my big break. I replied "@JetBlue¬†hire me to build philanthropy into… Continue reading @JetBlue made me think I was brilliant