SUCCESS: One Year in Accountability Partnership

A little over a year ago, I introduced the idea of an accountability partnership and was so fortunate that Sam Hansen wanted to try. We’ve now been at it a year, and I have so appreciated our daily goal-setting emails and occasional chats. The partnership has kept me more accountable to making and achieving goals, because we have struck a wonderful balance between flexibility with plans and friendly reminders of what should have been done. Sometimes, we have offered advice based on tone or comments here ad there that feel nonchalant but that the other person had noted to be of potential significance. Other times, it’s just been a bit of encouragement and an e-smile or high five that go a long way. Still other times, empathy has changed the course of a day by provoking other perspectives and inspiring action.

I’m psyched to keep this going. Thanks, Sam, for helping me to accomplish a lot and challenge myself in the last year; here’s to another one.

I’ll be posting some neat stuff about, produced by, or shared by Sam throughout the day; enjoy!

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