Brainstorming: A History and Future

I really liked this infographic and experiment. Below it, I’ve included a few more brainstorming exercises that I think work well. I don’t think there’s a catch-all answer. via Are We Brainstorming the Right Way? Brainstorming about Brainstorming… more exercises to try These are a few from my experience; please add yours, too! Pitch Not-Your-Own Idea:… Continue reading Brainstorming: A History and Future

Rick Andrews talks improv with a focus on Fear and Trust

I was really glad that binu shared this, because Rick really brings up some great points. Even if you’re not into improv, this is a valuable perspective on any scenario in which you are working with a group. montrealimprov: Rick Andrews is a teacher and performer at The Magnet Theater in New York City. He… Continue reading Rick Andrews talks improv with a focus on Fear and Trust

failure is good (and tough) …like kale!

Thanks for this wise thought, Kasper Hauser. Y’all are wicked smart…. let’s really dissect this one shall we? When it comes to group work and collaboration, rare is the person who is successful 100% of the time. Therefore, they will fail some of the time. But why can’t that failure be awesome (and healthy!) like… Continue reading failure is good (and tough) …like kale!