Be careful what you tweet; you might actually get fired.

General news article with related legal memos. Is venting online similar to venting around a water cooler, or much more? My view: own whatever you say regardless of where you say it. And, note that sarcasm and tone are not always apparent; plan on someone ‘not getting it’.Be careful what you tweet; you might actually… Continue reading Be careful what you tweet; you might actually get fired.

Well — he did not —. Clarence Thomas, Supreme Court Justice This is all that was captured in the official court transcript, but it’s part of what seemed to have been a somewhat loaded, snarky comment about his alma mater, Yale. Why does one little comment even make headlines? Thomas, the ‘silent justice’, hasn’t asked… Continue reading

Sesame Street answers the question ‘What is a career?' with the help of Sonia Sotomayor. Pros: Cool profession, breakout from gender roles, dream big Cons: Teleprompter reading, settling on one career, no substantive information about how getting into law school isn’t easy and costs a lot of money and might not even result in a… Continue reading

Duke was one of the first employers to make benefits available to same sex partners in 1994 as a way to be inclusive and supportive of the needs of all faculty and staff, and this support will continue. Kyle Cavanaugh, vice president of administration at Duke, following the approval of Amendment One in North Carolina.… Continue reading

Via How and Why You Should Write a Social Media Will

Social media is a part of daily life, but what happens to the online content that you created once you die? If you have social media profiles set up online, you should create a statement of how you would like your online identity to be handled. Just like a traditional will helps your survivors handle… Continue reading Via How and Why You Should Write a Social Media Will

Sugar v. Corn Syrup – the great American sweetener showdown

In a lawsuit that goes before a Los Angeles federal judge Wednesday, sugar producers accuse their corn industry rivals of false advertising in a campaign that casts the liquid sweetener as “nutritionally the same as table sugar” and claims “your body can’t tell the difference.” Sugar forces argue that high fructose corn syrup is far… Continue reading Sugar v. Corn Syrup – the great American sweetener showdown