Gmail being down feels scarier than expected. Realizations:

  • I am so used to having it passively open at all times that I feel disconnected and anxious when it goes away.
  • There is so much personal history / record-keeping on it that if something ever were to happen with gmail, I would lose that life data.
  • I should research and cover backups in my gmail class.
  • Google is assumed to be fairly perfect. It has changed how things on the Internet are done. We trust it, partially because there’s little choice not to and partially because there hasn’t been a convincing reason not to. Will this change trust? Probably not. Should it? Not sure.
  • Others share my addiction to gmail, need to connect, and fright. Citing: Twitter.

It’s back up now (kind of; still not working properly), like that last 5 minutes were a strange blip in my reality, but these thoughts remain.

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