Duke was one of the first employers to make benefits available to same sex partners in 1994 as a way to be inclusive and supportive of the needs of all faculty and staff, and this support will continue.

Kyle Cavanaugh, vice president of administration at Duke, following the approval of Amendment One in North Carolina. While the voters’ decision is extremely disheartening and causing ridiculous action already, we shouldn’t overlook the statements being made by those opposed to the amendment. Civil rights and social change happen, but often at slower speeds than makes sense. It’s a lost war in NC for now, sure, but by continuing to speak out about equal rights for all people and maintaining fair policies where possible, change will happen (thanks, Mr. President!). NC hasn’t historically been a leader with human rights anyway.

Fair to be cranky about the vote outcome. Good to optimistic that this will not be a precedent for other states. Best to continue and increase the consciousness of civil rights and responsibilities of communities to represent and take care of the people in them.

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