Duke was one of the first employers to make benefits available to same sex partners in 1994 as a way to be inclusive and supportive of the needs of all faculty and staff, and this support will continue. Kyle Cavanaugh, vice president of administration at Duke, following the approval of Amendment One in North Carolina.… Continue reading

Mosaics + Rubiks Cubes and Voila! Art!

Pete Fecteau created an incredible mosaic of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. using 4300 Rubiks cubes. I love mosaics using different materials, and this mosaic in particular conveys a lot about challenges, mixing colors, and problem-solving. Read the exclusive interview from Everybody’s Invited! about his methodology and thought processes here. Mosaics + Rubiks Cubes and… Continue reading Mosaics + Rubiks Cubes and Voila! Art!