Really neat video that David Hyde Costello created with just a camcorder and iMovie. All of the content is created with physical objects, mechanisms and puppetry. My friend Erica shared this after learning about his work at the Simmons Children’s Lit Program. Her favorite part of this video is that she learned that when the… Continue reading

Interview: Will Sakran, Product Engineer / Inventor

When I moved to New York, I learned of a fun group of buddies calling themselves MetroMetro who, among other things, hosted Board Game Olympics, which clearly I attended often. This is how I met Will Sakran, who was among the organizers and who I also learned is also a thoughtful entrepreneur. I interviewed him… Continue reading Interview: Will Sakran, Product Engineer / Inventor

In New York City’s Fast Pace Culture, Should Companies Keep Up?

[Note: I wrote the below article for WECREATE NYC. They’re a super cool bunch of innovators interested in generating lasting economy and social change. Enjoy and share!] By Jen Bokoff, a Brooklyn-based non-profit professional dedicated to facilitating discussions around philanthropy, sociology, and DIY ideas. New York is inarguably a fast-paced city. From the way we walk… Continue reading In New York City’s Fast Pace Culture, Should Companies Keep Up?

“Yes and” works a lot better than no.

I posted this to my Facebook wall last week and received many concurrent responses: It really bothers me when people who don’t understand an idea or issue jump to “no” instead of asking the right questions to make informed decisions. Shutting down thoughtful ideas and not trying to understand the root of an issue is… Continue reading “Yes and” works a lot better than no.

DIY: a simply wonderful game

Tis the time of year for sitting around and enjoying one another’s company, but sometimes, conversation gets old. Here’s a little game to liven things up a bit! This game is best described as Pictionary meets Telephone. No materials needed besides some fun friends/family (4+ people), some letter sized blank paper, and a writing utensil… Continue reading DIY: a simply wonderful game

Louis CK’s business savvy pays off

In just 4 days, Louis CK's new exclusive has been downloaded +110,000 times and has made (net) what many people wish they could make in a year. On top of that, it's really, really funny. In part of a statement that he released today, the (brilliant) comedian describes his marketing attempt: The experiment was: if… Continue reading Louis CK’s business savvy pays off

failure is good (and tough) …like kale!

Thanks for this wise thought, Kasper Hauser. Y’all are wicked smart…. let’s really dissect this one shall we? When it comes to group work and collaboration, rare is the person who is successful 100% of the time. Therefore, they will fail some of the time. But why can’t that failure be awesome (and healthy!) like… Continue reading failure is good (and tough) …like kale!