Continued Learning at Next-to-No Cost? No Brainer!

Check out my latest contribution to Huffington Post’s Impact section about the Brooklyn Brainery, a model for community-driven learning. If you like it, please leave comments, like it on facebook, and share! Also, if you have ideas for stories of impact (particularly with the millennial generation), shoot me an email.Continued Learning at Next-to-No Cost? No… Continue reading Continued Learning at Next-to-No Cost? No Brainer!

Interview: Will Sakran, Product Engineer / Inventor

When I moved to New York, I learned of a fun group of buddies calling themselves MetroMetro who, among other things, hosted Board Game Olympics, which clearly I attended often. This is how I met Will Sakran, who was among the organizers and who I also learned is also a thoughtful entrepreneur. I interviewed him… Continue reading Interview: Will Sakran, Product Engineer / Inventor

Pay attention. This is going to be big.

There’s a pretty great new website called You should probably share it with all of your friends, because it’s a model that might actually make a decent dent in advancing important arguments for and against proposed legislation. It gives a productive megaphone to the 99% who can’t afford to spend thousands of dollars to… Continue reading Pay attention. This is going to be big.

Louis CK’s business savvy pays off

In just 4 days, Louis CK's new exclusive has been downloaded +110,000 times and has made (net) what many people wish they could make in a year. On top of that, it's really, really funny. In part of a statement that he released today, the (brilliant) comedian describes his marketing attempt: The experiment was: if… Continue reading Louis CK’s business savvy pays off

Millennials with Gumption

I recently had the pleasure of attending two sessions at the Millennial Summit with ~100 other Millennials with do-gooder visions and pragmatic solutions. Some, like Daniel, Mike, and Lana, already are making a huge dent in leading our generation to make giving a habit with substantial impact, and others like Marc, who have done some neat… Continue reading Millennials with Gumption

Better than Paint by Number: Paint by Beard!

It’s true. Great art with even better motivation. Graham Clark, who’s a super funny and cool guy living the dream in Vancouver, started churning out these ridiculously talented paintings using his newly-grown out beard as his paintbrush, and is selling the works to raise money for his buddy Ryan. Ryan, a quadriplegic with cerebral palsy,… Continue reading Better than Paint by Number: Paint by Beard!

Check out the trailer for a new film by Mary Mazzio called The Apple Pushers. It’s an absolutely phenomenal exploration of the intersection of immigrant entrepreneurship, obesity, and access to fresh fruits and vegetables through compelling characters and thoughtful storytelling. You can like it on Facebook,  too, and check back here for the website that’s… Continue reading