FWD Thinking: New Tumblr Displays NYC’s Pothole Progress


The next time you consider complaining about a pothole on a New York City street, maybe you should check Tumblr first. The NYC Department of Transportation has just launched a new Tumblr called The Daily Pothole, to keep Gotham citizens updated on its pothole progress. The blog posts photos, maps and graphs of street repair around the city, plus a daily count of how many have been filled each day (lately, over 3,000!).

We all know that media outlets and fashion brands have been jumping on the Tumblr bandwagon lately, but I love the idea of using it for government transparency (maybe this has something to do with the city’s new Chief Digital Officer?). As Cory Booker’s snow-shoveling livetweets showed, people may like to raise their fists and curse the city for inconveniencing them, but they tend to relax once they see there are people out there doing their best to fix any problems as fast as they can.


This is pretty solid. I like it. Next city-led Tumblr: Daily Homeless Count…. make the problem visible and find solutions! Watch the numbers decrease daily!

FWD Thinking: New Tumblr Displays NYC’s Pothole Progress

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