Photographer Rosie Holtom took pictures of homeless people from London, dressed as they’d like the world to see them. Not only are they beautiful portraits, but there is such light and confidence that comes through in these. As communities, we need to be better about inspiring that in those who are homeless for whatever reason;… Continue reading

Why People in Cities Walk Fast

This graph made from an observational study in 1976 started the theory, which has become more developed over time. As one possible explanation for the relationship between city size and foot speed, the researchers suggested that economic factors might play a key role. When a city grows larger, they wrote, wage rate and cost of… Continue reading Why People in Cities Walk Fast

How or Why Cars Erode Cities & Villages

Haverstraw, 1940 Another way to understand the destructive nature of cars on downtowns is the psychology that cars create amongst ‘motorists’ or those that regularly use cars to get around. As Americans became more and more reliant on cars to live their daily lives, they unknowingly gravitated toward shopping centers that were most convenient for… Continue reading How or Why Cars Erode Cities & Villages

Philadelphia: The City of BIG

Big Pumpkins (au natural). Big Clothespins. Big Buildings. Big Fountains. Big (Nearby) Landscapes. Big Television. Big Bike Lanes. Big Statements. Big Names, abbreved. And yet, it doesn’t feel big! It’s so walkable! If you’re not full from absurdly delicious nourishment….. Philadelphia = my new city to excitedly explore. Thanks Sarah for sharing it with me!