Recognizing what homeless really means

During the recent storm, thousands and thousands of people lost their homes either permanently or for an extended period of time. These people span the socioeconomic spectrum; many have assets, good jobs, and degrees from a university. They are, by definition, homeless. The HUD definition of homelessness includes: People who are living in a place… Continue reading Recognizing what homeless really means

This is part of a Photograph By Number┬ámap project in Somerville, Mass. The idea is to bring each block of an amazing and diverse city to life through collaborative photography. I’m way into this idea, and happen to find the couple photographs that Ian took quite striking. Anyone know of other locations where this exists?

C’mon government…we can’t cut essential agencies

Community Action Agencies are without a doubt some of the most effective, tuned-in entities that exist in growing communities. One of my favorites, CAAS, based in Somerville, MA is in danger of losing funding and therefore letting go of irreplaceable services rendered. The costs are minuscule compared to other things that tax dollars fund. Not… Continue reading C’mon government…we can’t cut essential agencies